STF – Opening the way to adventures in Sweden


STF is a non-profit member organization with association democracy. This means that the association is governed by the members. What the majority of the members want, the association does. And what that is, is decided at the National Assembly which is held every two years. STF was founded in 1885 as a non-profit association with the aim of promoting tourism in Sweden. Since then, the association has grown to 255,000 members. “Discover Sweden” is the overall theme of the association’s range of natural and cultural tourism. STF also advocates opinion on issues related to nature and cultural tourism in Sweden.

The Swedish Tourist Association (STF) is religiously and party politically independent and has the purpose of promoting the members’ interest in and opportunities for natural and cultural tourism in Sweden.

STF does this by:

  • Promote and develop the tourism that is based on the experience of nature and culture;
  • Protect and inform about nature, culture and environment in Sweden from a tourist perspective;
  • Promote and disseminate knowledge of ecotourism;
  • Offer members affordable accommodation and enriching activities;
  • As well as, representing the members’ interests within our business areas.

Membership means discounts on, among other things, STF accomodation, train travel, and activities, as well as helping us safeguard our heart issues, such as Allemansrätten and sustainable tourism. Since the end of 2018, we are at Le Mat Jonsered franchisees to the Swedish Tourist Association. Ask us and we will help you with your membership.